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Peggy McPartland


You’ve always dreamed of just throwing it all to the wind and taking off traveling but the fear of how it’ll impact your career continues to hold you back. It’s time to change that! Taking a break from your career will not only reenergize you, but will move your career in an entirely different direction when you return.

Last fall I met Betsy and Warren Talbot, the dynamic duo behind Married with Luggage. They sold their home and were in the process of getting rid of all their belongings, quitting their jobs and heading off to travel the world. I was so inspired by the two of them. It was astounding to know there was someone else out there with the same crazy ideas that I had!

And then they told me about Meet, Plan, Go!, a national event for those of us looking for inspiration and advice on taking a career break and traveling long-term! I couldn’t believe such a thing existed! Betsy and Warren were the hosts of the hugely successful 2010 Meet, Plan, Go! event in Seattle. I was so energized by the experience I couldn’t stop talking about it!

Meet, Plan, Go! brings together people who may have already taken a break from their careers to travel or those who only dream about it but have no clue how to go about it. I found  this to be an amazing on-line and in person community of supportive and encouraging people. It made the whole idea seem a bit less overwhelming.

They challenge the perception that we have to work our butts off until retirement and only then are we able to have fun. Instead of that delayed gratification, a break (or several!) in your career will change your perspective, open your mind and possibly even move your career in a different direction when you return.

Last week I went to the first informal get together for the upcoming 2011 Meet, Plan, Go! event in Seattle, hosted by Christine and Paul Milton, aka Bert and Patty. Christine and Paul recently returned to Seattle and their careers following their marriage and an extended honeymoon that turned into an 18 month trip around the world. They are inspiring, supportive, and  happy to share their experiences and encourage others to follow their dreams.

The national event will be on October 18, 2011 in 17 cities throughout the country.  It will bring together fantastic people who embrace the idea of fulfilling their dreams of travel and living life a bit less conventionally. This amazing community is a unique source of strength, inspiration and support.

It’s so encouraging to realize that long-term travel is a completely realistic goal and that not only is it possible to do, but there are so many people already doing it! That affirmation is life-changing!

If it’s always been your dream to leave everything behind and travel the world, this could be the inspiration that sets you on your way!

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