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Life begins to shift, priorities begin to change and we find ourselves at a crossroads.  What an amazing place to be!  The world around us opens up in incredible ways and we’re challenged to think and experience life in ways we hadn’t thought were possible. It changes everything we may have believed about ourselves and the way life has to be lived. 

Boundaries will be stretched and expanded and you’ll realize you are capable of amazing things. You’ve figured out that life is about freedom – freedom to live in a less conventional way, being passionate about your choices and living a life filled with meaning.

I want to help you channel that creative energy so you’re able to fully experience a life without limits.  It’s possible to live passionately, simplify, travel solo, develop a location independent business, learn a new language and live a life beyond the normal.

Who is this for?

It’s for you! If you’re looking to improve your life, change the world and make deep connections with those around you, you’re in the right place. It’s for those who want to:

  • understand deeply who they are
  • live a life without limits
  • travel the world and seek adventure
  • simplify life
  • learn a new language
  • develop a location independent business
  • live a life filled with meaning and passion


In this blog you’ll find inspiration, ideas, insight and words of wisdom that will help you create the lifestyle you crave.

  • Motivation to propel you through uncertainty
  • Creative information on how to simplify and declutter
  • Thoughts that will improve not only your life, but help you improve the lives of others
  • Guidance for developing a location independent lifestyle
  • Wisdom of those who’ve navigated away from a routine life and into something unconventional

So enjoy, learn and connect with yourself and others as you create the life you so deeply crave.


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