Make This Your Year of Transformation

Peggy McPartland

The rain is coming down hard. The wind is blowing against the windows.

It’s definitely January.

And it’s 2012. Finally.

I’ve been looking forward to this year. A year of major transformation and change as we reach the end of this Mayan calendar cycle.

December will mark the end of the 13th b’ak’tun—a time period in the Mesoamerican Long Count calendar. It’s said to represent the full cycle of the fourth world of the ancient Mayans.

It’s speculation to believe we’ll see major changes in human consciousness with the beginning of a new calendar. But it’s exciting nonetheless to think about making significant changes in how we perceive the world and live in it.

This is the year to make things happen.

No more planning; no more reading; no more talking; it’s time to move forward. And it seems so perfect to do it in 2012.

We’re so afraid of making mistakes or feeling like a fraud that it’s easy to become paralyzed. If we only can learn a bit more, get that one more piece of important information, and feel just a bit more sure of ourselves, we’ll finally be able to take action and move forward.

We consume everything we can get our hands on. We’re following blogs, reading books, talking to “industry experts”, and everything else that might give us that elusive final push we’ve been looking for.

At some point we have to face our fears and take a step forward, out of our comfort zone. We’ve talked ourselves out of making any major transformation and postponed it time and time again. Sometimes we really are our own worst enemy.

You’re not perfect. But neither is anyone else.

Trust that you are enough.

You have incredible hopes and dreams. Now is the time to begin creating them.

You’ve learned everything you need and no longer have to use a perceived lack of knowledge as a barrier to those dreams. You can only absorb so much information.

So stop planning and start doing something amazing. You already know enough. It’s time to create.

Your creativity will push you to start a new career, a simpler lifestyle, healthier relationships or to begin helping others. Self-publish that book. Put your photography out there for the world to see. Offer your consulting services. Provide coaching to someone trying to bring their business to the next level. Reach out to that non-profit you’ve always wanted to be a part of.

What you create transforms not only you but the world around you. You’ll become stronger and more confident. And it’ll give you an incredible sense of satisfaction and happiness.

Start small; but find at least one thing each day that moves you forward. Take the information you’ve been so voraciously ingesting and turn it into something amazing.

You exude creativity when you care deeply about people and the world around you. Allow that energy to burst forth and create a new reality.

What amazing transformation do you have planned during the auspicious 2012?

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2 Responses to “Make This Your Year of Transformation”

  • JoannaNo Gravatar Says:

    We’re waiting to see what happens with my husband’s work…but it could be a very transformative year for my family and me. It’s exciting…but also scary. Sometimes, the best I can do is just take one day at a time and try not to worry too much (easier said than done!).

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