Have you become comfortably numb?

Peggy McPartland

The dream is gone. I have become comfortably numb.
~ Pink Floyd, The Wall


Your life is filled with routine.

It feels necessary somehow, but so limiting. Mundane.

You’ve got to be in the office every day. The dog needs to be walked. The kids need help with their homework. And you love, I mean love, to watch Dancing with the Stars.

What happened to your dreams, your plans? You wanted to do big things with your life. But you’ve fallen into your day-to-day habits and routine and slowly, quietly they’ve faded away. Without you even realizing it.

          You’ve become comfortably numb.

It’s time to shake things up! We don’t have all the time in the world.

We only have today. So live like you really believe it.

People die… suddenly.

We all think it won’t happen , but it does.

Last week an incredible woman died, Joyce Hatten Jasper. She was a wife, sister, daughter, aunt and friend to so many people. A former demolition derby driver. She was adventurous, active and lived life fully. And she was far too young to die.

If you died tomorrow, would you be able to say you’d lived your life the way you wanted to? Fully and with passion?

The most common regret expressed by people who are dying is that they didn’t have the courage to live a life true to themselves rather than what others expected of them.

Have you gotten so caught up in the minutia of each day that you’ve neglected your dreams and forgotten what life’s really about?

We get sucked into the comfortable numbness for the simple reason that we’re not paying attention. We’re not fully present in each moment of our life.

Pay attention to the details. Notice whether you’re content. Ask whether fear is preventing you from accepting challenges or making changes. Are you taking time to laugh and play?

You don’t have to be so sensible! Bring joy and beauty into each day. Take chances. Go barefoot. And rekindle those dreams.

You’ll have much more regret for the things you didn’t do than you ever will for those you did. Don’t be afraid to take risks and step out of your comfort zone.

We don’t ever reach a time in our lives where it’s too late to live fully and with awareness. It’s just a matter of reclaiming your life and your time.

Yes, you have obligations. And yes, you’re tired at the end of the day. But what if rather than vegging out, you did something nourishing? Do you know that the average person watches tv for almost three hours a day?! No wonder they’re numb!

It may have been so long since you really did anything nourishing and healing that you’ve forgotten how. Start by just taking time for contemplation. Or reach out and connect deeply with others. Lovingly prepare a healthy meal. Incorporate movement into your day. These will bring a true sense of awareness and connection back into your life.

Are you compromising who you really are? Or are you participating in your life fully? Really participating in it, not just sitting back and letting whatever happens come to you.

Life isn’t just about being productive and practical. It’s about listening to your heart. Take the time to rediscover an awareness of what you love and allow yourself to create space for it. Make it a priority.

It’s important to make conscious choices of how to live. Life shouldn’t be something that just happens to you. You do have a choice of how you live your life. So be an active participant. This isn’t a spectator sport.

Sometimes we need a wake up call. Let this be it. Don’t wait any longer to shake off that comfortable numbness and fully embrace your dreams. Break out of your ordinary existence and live life like you mean it.

This is your one precious life. Live it as such.

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