Mar 27 2012

A Pause for Reflection

Peggy McPartland

Tomorrow I leave for France. Finally. After all the planning and waiting, I’m really going.

I no longer have a home or a job and have very few belongings. It’s very freeing – although I do wonder whether at some point it’ll really hit me that I don’t have anywhere to go back to and I’ll feel a sense of loss rather than freedom. But right now, it feels right.

I’ll be spending the next two months at Plum Village, a Buddhist monastery and retreat center outside of Dordogne, France. ┬áThe center was founded by Thich Nhat Hanh, a respected Zen master, poet, and human rights activist, who was exiled from Vietnam in the 1960s. I’m honored to learn from such an incredible teacher.

I find out a lot about myself in meditation and silence. I’m looking forward to the insight and balance that will come with concentrated mindfulness. I’m grateful to have this time for reflection and know it’s the perfect beginning to the next phase of my life.

I’ll be taking a break from Midlife Passion during the next few months. I’ll be rethinking the process to get clear on better ways to empower others to live life on their own terms. I want to recreate the site and make it more dynamic and creative. As I move further into my journey, I want even more to help others remember the truth of who they are and to find the joy and spark that’s quietly simmering and waiting to come to life in each of us.

Until then, I hope you’re able to reflect, experiment and find ways to bring joy and passion into your life.