Aug 30 2011

Travel Snapshot: Isla Mujeres

Peggy McPartland


Puerto Juarez ferry dock, Cancun to Isla Mujeres.


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Aug 25 2011

Life’s short

Peggy McPartland

Life’s short is a phrase we hear all the time. But is it just a phrase or is it how you live your life? 

We know we only have a limited amount of time on this amazing planet we call home. Yet are we making the most of that time? Or do we just carry on day to day caught up in the grind?

It’s so easy to fall into a routine of work, chores and bills and forget that isn’t the important stuff. The important things are what fill you with passion and joy.

We can’t possibly know how long we have so don’t put off living your life fully until later.

It’s all too easy to say you’ll do it when the kids are older, when you have more money in the bank, or when things are less crazy at work. But that day never seems to come.

Is your life on hold waiting for that magical “perfect” time? Or is it filled with passion and joy?

If you honestly believe life is short, are you acting like it?

“Tell me, what is it you plan to do
with your one wild and precious life?”
~ Mary Oliver

Start doing things you love. Every day. It’s what life’s about.

Climb a mountain. Cook for the homeless. Run a marathon. Learn to speak a new language. Build a campfire. Fill your life with the things that bring you joy.

If you aren’t happy with your life as it is, change it. Do something that matters to you.

Grab every opportunity that comes your way. It may not come again and you don’t want to have missed your chance. Life’s too short for regret.

Be passionate about life and the people around you. Don’t put off the things that are truly important to you. Life can change in an instant.

Reclaim your life. Swallow your fear. And live it as you want to.

Yes, life’s short. But it’s also whatever you make it.

So make it amazing. Stop dreaming and start living it fully and passionately.


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Aug 22 2011

Travel snapshot: Olintepeque carnival worker

Peggy McPartland


Young carnival worker in Olintepeque, Guatemala.


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