Jul 26 2011

Travel Snapshot: Ayutthaya, Thailand

Peggy McPartland


Ayutthaya Historical Park, UNESCO World Heritage Site, Ayutthaya, Thailand


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Jul 21 2011

It’s just a job, not jail

Peggy McPartland

Sitting at a desk, day after day after day. It’s killing us.  Literally.

I want my body to stop aching. I want my brain to pursue creative ideas. I want my heart filled with passion.

Whenever I return from traveling for any length of time, it’s the first thing I notice.   My back begins to ache from sitting. Then my shoulders from the inherent stress. And it spreads from there.

Yet time and time again, I return to the cubicle, to the sitting, to the lethargy. It’s as if I’m confined to a jail cell. I seem to forget that it’s just a job and I can change it at any time.

I love the way my body feels when I use it in the way it is designed to be used. I feel strong and powerful. I think with more clarity.

We need to constantly challenge ourselves physically and mentally. It’s tough to do when we’re confined to a cubicle sitting on our butts every day.  That’s not how humans are intended to spend their time.

We’ve all heard lots about the physical effects of sitting. We aren’t physically structured to be in that position for long periods of time. When we are, our bodies go into kind of a shutdown mode. Our circulation slows, our muscles shorten and we’re at an increased risk of all kinds of problems – most notable of which is a heart attack.

What we talk about less are the mental effects of this lack of movement. When our bodies aren’t functioning at their peak, it affects how we think. With less movement and slower circulation, our mind becomes sluggish.

The more we sit, the more lethargic we feel. We struggle to find energy and creativity. Our thoughts are not clear and free-flowing.

No wonder we begin to dread spending yet another day sitting at a desk. What if we begin to question why we’re doing it? Would that change things for you?

If we’re to live a life free of routine and filled with passion, it’s important to ask these questions. Are you sitting in a cubicle because it’s something you love? Or have you just become accustomed to what you have come to believe is your place in society?

If you’re reading this, I suspect you’ve already begun asking these questions. Good for you! It’s from this place that you’ll begin to move forward. Little by little, step by step.

We don’t have to make huge changes at once, but rather begin to notice where we are. Notice what brings you joy and find ways to incorporate that into your life. Find ways to bring more movement into your day.

Those questions and that movement will bring you more clarity. And it’s from this place of clarity and creativity that you will begin to move forward and make your life a place in which you thrive.

So don’t just sit there! Get up off your butt and start taking those small steps, literally and figuratively. It’s a conscious start to moving your one precious life into a place of passion and meaning.

And remember, it’s just a job, not jail.

What do you think? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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Photo credit: Digital Latte Photography

Jul 18 2011

Travel Snapshot: Guatemala

Peggy McPartland


Mercado Democracia, Quetzaltenango, Guatemala


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